Be at Peace with Food and Yourself So You Can Enjoy Life to the Fullest 

You CAN Make Intuitive Eating Second Nature



You’ve read about intuitive eating, have taken a training program and maybe even have done some private coaching in intuitive eating.  

Yet, you are still having challenges with:  

  • The diet mentality creeping in from time to time
  • Recognizing hunger and satiety in social situations
  • Knowing true hunger from emotional hunger  
  • Moving to a place of body love

Even though you've done some intuitive eating training and it all makes sense, it's one thing to understand the intuitive eating principles and another to make it a natural part of who you are.

Living your life as an intuitive eater isn't just about learning the principles and techniques. You have to undo many years of dieting and misinformation that was thrown at you so intuitive eating can become a part of daily practice. A part of who you are now and for the long term.

You Have the Power Within Yourself to be an Intuitive Eater!

The key to becoming an intuitive eater is making it a part of who you are at all levels:  

  • Your Mind - by continuing to embace a healthy mind and reverse the dieters mindset 
  • Your Body - by continuing to learn to trust your body 
  • Your Emotions - by continuing to learn how to deal with emotions as they come up, without food

And even though you have this power, it doesn't mean you have to do this alone because the reality is that life is difficult and throws you curve balls and challenges. 

Even as an intuitive eater, it's nice to know that there's someone there to ask "Can I get help on how to practice intuitive eating and trust myself in this difficult situation", whether it's a job change, life change etc."

I Am Here to Support You!

I know you're frustrated with your constant battle with food. But not to worry. You’re in great hands. My biggest gift is my ability to provide caring support and motivation as you rebuild the trust in yourself and your body and make intuitive eating a part of who you are.  

I bring over 30 years of nutrition therapy and counseling practice experience working with chronic dieters and emotional eaters helping them achieve a freedom to eat forever. 

I am a Registered and Certified Dietitian Nutritionist, Certified Diabetes Educator and Certified Intuitive Eating Counselor. I was trained and certified by the Original Intuitive Eating Pros.

Using my experience as a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist and Certified Intuitive Eating Counselor, I was able to break free of dieting and become an intuitive eater. Intuitive eating has become a part of my core and I now help chronic dieters and emotional eaters do the same.  

When I help my clients with intuitive eating, it's not just about eating when hungry and stopping when full. It's about becoming a master at intuitive eating so they can enjoy their life to the fullest.

That's why I created this program. So, I can help you become a master at intuitive eating so it becomes second nature to you.

Bonnie R. Giller, MS, RDN, CDN CDE

The Support and Accountability You Need to Make Intuitive Eating Second Nature

  • You'll get all the benefits of coaching (for a fraction of the investment)
  • I'll personally help you overcome any obstacles you face on your journey
  • You''ll practice and integrate intuitive eating into your life each day 
  • You'll have the support and accountability of an incredible group of women so you don't feel alone on this journey

That's what Intuitive Eating Mastery Circle™ is all about.

 Here's what you get as an Intuitive Eating Mastery Circle™ Member:


We'll meet every month for live small group coaching calls.  

This is your chance to ask questions and get the help you need to practice and integrate intuitive eating into your daily life.  

Here are just some of the things I can help you with:  

  • Identify lingering diet mentality 
  • Bust through your limiting beliefs
  • Honor your hunger 
  • Respect your fullness
  • Deal with challenging times in your life without falling back to using food to cope
  • And more  

You'll get the recordings of all the calls.  

And if you can't make a call, no worries. You can ask a question in advance and I'll be sure to address it for you on the call.  


Every month, I'll have one open office hours segment via Facebook Live where you'll get a chance to interact with me and ask questions, get hands-on support and stay accountable.  

If you can't make the office hours live, you can submit your question and challenge in advance and I will address it live. 

The replay will be housed in our private Facebook community so you can access it at any time.


Every quarter, you get a private laser coaching call with me. This is a great opportunity to get my personal feedback to help make intuitive eating a part of who you are!  

Just come to the call with a question you want to discuss, and you'll be amazed at how much we can achieve together.  

And as a bonus...  

When you first join Intuitive Eating Mastery Circle™, we'll schedule a bonus private laser coaching call so I can get to know you, and the journey you've taken thus far... you can get you off to a great start and take advantage of all that Intuitive Eating Mastery Circle™ has to offer you!


You'll get access to a private community of inspiring women who'll provide encouragement and support.  

This is a great way for you to connect with other like-minded women on the same journey towards freedom to eat forever. It's a safe place to ask questions, brainstorm strategies and get valuable guidance.  

And, you get to choose an Accountability Partner so you can inspire and support each other along the way.

I participate in the community daily so you get ongoing support and feedback from me as well.


You'll get full access to a growing library of valuable training and resources to help you on your intuitive eating journey.  

Topics include sleep hygiene, stress management, techniques to rewire your neural pathways, confidence builders, body love and more.  


Intuitive Eating Mastery Circle™ members get special savings on programs, books and other support resources.  


I truly care about your results, and am committed to helping you integrate intuitive eating into your being from your head to your toes!  

Hear from some people in the know:  

"I have developed a whole new mindset which has allowed me to break free of dieting"

“Before working with Bonnie, I was frustrated with the constant disappointment and failure when trying to diet and lose weight. Since going through the Freedom to Eat Forever program, I have developed a whole new mindset and perspective. This has allowed me to break free of dieting and concentrate on creating a healthy and balanced lifestyle in which I can enjoy eating and make the right decisions regarding my fitness and nutrition. I highly recommend working with Bonnie. She is a knowledgeable, supportive, and generous practitioner, who cares deeply about her clients. She has had a profound effect on my journey thus far and I look forward to continuing to work with her in the future. She is simply the best!  

~JoAnne G.

"Bonnie cut through my objections and I am so glad she did"

“I suffered with an eating disorder since the age of 5 years old, and yo-yo dieted since the age of 12. I even turned intuitive eating into a diet. I was 64 when I found Bonnie. Before Bonnie's strategy call I had not signed on with other intuitive eating coaches but somehow Bonnie cut through my objections and I am so glad she did. I am now an intuitive eater and I'm reinforcing my intuition growth in all areas of my life including body respect, self-image and finally kicking the deeply entrenched diet mentality to the curb. I am fully committed to never dieting again no matter what my natural healthy weight turns out to be. Bonnie knows her stuff and practices what she preaches. She is a superb support and friend, and when you add in the group support, it does wonders.  

~Suzanna V.

"I am able to use the tools Bonnie taught me to cope with my emotions without food and that never would have happened if I hadn't worked with Bonnie."

There have been many recent transitions in my life that have been stressful. I have done well and have not eaten emotionally. In the few instances that were challenging, I was able to snap myself out of it and be more mindful. I believe that if I hadn't worked with Bonnie, I would have spiraled into ‘out of control’ emotional/stress eating during this time. I was able to use the tools I learned from Bonnie to forgive myself to move forward without quilt or negative self-talk and that never would have happened if I hadn't had the coaching with her. Thank you!  

~Lori S. 

"I feel that I have experienced a paradigm shift, that there is a new normal for me and I am deeply grateful for that."

Bonnie’s program has been frame-breaking for me. She provides a systematic, step by step approach which is doable and when I implement those steps they help me to look at food, my relationship with food, myself, my self-esteem in a whole new way.  

I feel that I have experienced a paradigm shift, that there is a new normal for me and I am deeply grateful for that.  

Bonnie’s commitment to the people she works with is truly awe-inspiring. The support she provides, daily, is the best I have ever experienced and is much more than I could have anticipated.  

Working with Bonnie has been the best thing I have ever come across and have ever done for myself. It is so worth the investment of time and money, I highly recommend it.  


“I could write a chapter on all the benefits of the Mastery Circle and reclaiming intuitive eating.”

In just 2 short months, my intuitive eating training became a natural part of me. I have very few critical thoughts about my body. I enjoy every food choice available. I have learned to hear my signals. I have learned new ways to cope with mindless eating at home and at work. In turn, I have improved not only my relationship with food, but because I am more present, I have improved other relationships. These change have extended to all of my life. I have more energy. I feel better about myself, and I have a most amazing support group here in the Intuitive Eating Mastery Circle™ private Facebook group. Bonnie’s expertise and kindness, her positivity and support are like having a personal trainer and counselor in life. My goal is to live my life to the fullest and this program is giving me space from critical thoughts as well as opening me to greater self-care so I can be happier. Thank you to every member of our group and especially to Bonnie Giller. With gratitude to you Bonnie. My heart is overflowing with appreciation!  

~Paula S.

“Joining Bonnie R. Giller’s Intuitive Eating Mastery Circle™ is one of the best decisions I have made!” 

Bonnie has changed my life in some important ways! I joined the Intuitive Eating Mastery Circle™ immediately when she made it available. I was ready to go deeper in my journey, needed more support, and coaching. The Mastery Circle is giving me additional access to Bonnie with additional coaching in a small group. I have received support and encouragement from Bonnie and the other ladies in the group that isn’t possible in a large free group. We can discuss more details, get more answers, encourage others, and be accountable in our shared journey. Bonnie has helped me to have hope about my journey with food. I have been able to add tools to deal with issues in life without turning to food. I have made steady progress. I know this is a lifetime journey, and not a quick fix. One thing I have learned in other areas of life is when you need help, get it. We need to eat for fuel and enjoyment! It makes sense to get help in this area as well if what you are doing is not working. I hope I see you in the group!  

~Lynn T.

“Bonnie is always there to answer questions and invests in you by sharing her knowledge in an uplifting way.” 

"In a complete frenzy, desperately searching the internet for a “diet” that would work, I came across Bonnie Giller and her work with Intuitive Eating. I had tried everything looking for peace with food and my body, but little did I know, it was peace in my mind that I needed. My specific challenges were forming a routine in the morning that included breakfast, hydrating my body, learning my own hunger and fullness signals and actually eating foods I enjoy. Bonnie is always there to answer questions and invests in you by sharing her knowledge in an uplifting way. I now have a daily breakfast routine, never feel weak and light headed from waiting too long to eat and feel happy and fulfilled with my workouts. I don’t work out because I hate my body, I work out because I love my body. If you are at the end of your rope with dieting, Bonnie Giller will help pull you out of that pit. The way I approach food and workouts will never be the same.”  



Join Intuitive Eating Mastery Circle™ now for just $47/month.  

Regular investment $97/month

Join Now and Save 50% and you'll be grandfathered in at this low price


Here's a Summary of What You Get as an Intuitive Eating Mastery Circle™ Member:

  • Monthly Small Group Coaching Call 
  • Monthly Open Office Hours via Facebook Live 
  • Quarterly Private Laser Coaching Call with Bonnie
  • Bonus Private Laser Coaching Call with Bonnie when you join 
  • Private Online Community for Ongoing Support 
  • Growing Library of Intuitive Eating Recorded Q&A
  • Bonus Trainings and Resources
  • Special Savings on Programs, Books, and Resources 

Only $47 per month

Of course, you can cancel anytime.

Regular investment $97/month

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Shouldn't I know how to eat intuitively? A: You may be feeling that you should know how to eat intuitively. Well, despite being born an intuitive eater, as we all are, you have lost touch with that ability because of all the diets, the diet culture that surrounds you on a daily basis with their messages, the social pressure etc. That’s totally normal. You are not alone. So many women struggle with this. You just need the practice, support and accountability to help you regain that ability.  

Q: What’s the difference between this and a free Facebook group? A: You get actual coaching in this program. Come to the calls, the open office hours and the Facebook group with any challenge you have and you will receive laser coaching from me, and support from others. I cannot offer this type of coaching in a free group. Plus you get bonus add-on trainings on various topics to support your journey.

Q: Will I get training on the intuitive eating principles? A: No. Intuitive Eating Mastery Circle™ is not a training program. I cover the training on ALL the principles of intuitive eating and body love in my 5 Step Intuitive Eating Program for Adults called Freedom to Eat Forever™. If you haven’t gone through that program yet, send me an email and I’ll share more information with you and a way to get extra savings. 

Q: Who is this program for? A: Intuitive Eating Mastery Circle™ is for you if you have an understanding of and experience in intuitive eating whether you’ve read the book, taken a course or had coaching, and want additional support as you make intuitive eating second nature.

Q: What is the schedule of the program? A: We meet for our group coaching calls the first week of every month and open office hours Facebook Live during the third week of every month. Replays will be available in case you cannot make it live. 

Q: Once I register, will my monthly payment go up? A: Once you register during this special offer, you will be grandfathered in at only $47/month for as long as you stay in the program. 

Q: What is your cancellation policy? A: There is no risk. You can cancel at any time. If you decide that you’d like to cancel your membership, just send me an email with your reason why, and your membership will be cancelled. There are no refunds on membership fees paid. You do have access to all materials until the end of the payment period.  

If you have any other questions, just let me know.  

You can click on that little purple box at the bottom right hand side labeled "Leave a Message" or "Chat with us", or email me at  

If you'd rather pay with Credit Card and not PayPal, just message me and we'll make that happen! No problem!

I would be happy to help.  



P.S. To integrate intuitive eating into your being for your mind, your body and your emotions so it becomes truly intuitive and fully integrated into who you are, you need practice, support and accountability.  

This is what you'll get when you join Intuitive Eating Mastery Circle™. You'll have a safe, caring community of women and my personal support as well at a fraction of the investment of my private coaching.  

P.P.S. As soon as you join, you'll get access to the member area where you'll find a welcome message, the link to my personal calendar, and access to our private community.  

You'll also get to schedule your bonus laser coaching call so we can meet privately, and I can get to know you and where you are at on your journey.  

I look forward to personally welcoming you to Intuitive Eating Mastery Circle™!